T Series

T Series

The scale and density of the T Series allow service providers to increase capacity without adding additional systems to the network. There is no single point of failure in T Series routers. Component-level redundancy is available for routing engines, Control Boards, switch interface boards, and power entry modules.

Nonstop routing provides the foundation for seamless system upgrade, and Junoscript API capabilities mean continuous operation under maintenance conditions and topological changes. Juniper’s programmable ASICs deliver a comprehensive hardware-based system for packet processing. To ensure a non-blocking forwarding path, all channels between the ASICs are oversized and dedicated. Scalable firewall filter capabilities include multiple matches and conditions. Interfaces on T Series range from DS3 to OC-768. Juniper provides the largest variety of interfaces (both optical and copper) among core routing platforms.

Each Junos process runs in protected memory to prevent system crashes and to ensure that applications do not interfere with each other. Junos offers a stable network operating system with the greatest array of features in the industry. T Series routers provide flexibility in provisioning for rapid rollout of new services while retaining Layer 3 intelligence. PIC support includes 10 GE OTN G.709, OC-768 and 4-Port OC-192.

Helps providers manage capital expenditures by consolidating the network hierarchy onto a single router or by scaling service offerings. Capabilities include hardware logical routing with Juniper Networks JCS1200 Control System, which hosts the control and forwarding planes on separate platforms. Operators can manage their CapEx by consolidating the network hierarchy onto a single highly available router, or by scaling service offerings in mid-sized to large PoPs with multi-chassis routers.

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